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How to HIV AIDS Prevention Should Be Top Priority

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How to HIV AIDS Prevention Should Be Top Priority

Given to date for treating drug and vaccine to prevent AIDS has not been found, then an alternative to tackle the growing AIDS problem is with prevention efforts by all parties to be involved in the transmission loop that allows the can to HIV.

Basically the way HIV AIDS prevention can be done by all parties to know the origin of the ways the spread of AIDS.

There are 2 ways to prevent HIV AIDS, namely short-term and long-term 

Short-term AIDS prevention efforts 

AIDS prevention efforts are short term with IEC, providing information to high-risk groups how the pattern of the spread of the AIDS virus (HIV), so it can be known prevention measures.

There are 3 patterns of HIV AIDS prevention: 

  1. Prevention through sexual intercourse 
  2. HIV found in all body fluids but that proved instrumental in the spread of AIDS is semen, vaginal fluids and blood. 
  3. HIV can be spread through sexual intercourse man to woman, from woman to man and from man to man. 

After learning how the spread of HIV through sexual intercourse then prevention is to: 

  • Do not have sex. Although this method is very effective, but may not be implemented because sex is a biological need. 
  • Have sexual relations only with one faithful sexual partners and HIV-uninfected (homorganic). 
  • Reducing the number of sexual partners as possible. 
  • Avoid sexual contact with a high-risk group of contracting AIDS. 
  • Not a genital intercourse. 

Use condoms from start to finish sexual intercourse with a group of high risk of contracting AIDS and HIV.

Prevention of blood through 
Blood is a suitable medium for live AIDS virus.

Transmission of AIDS through blood occurs with: 

  • Transfusion of blood containing HIV. 
  • Puncture needles or other equipment (acupuncture, tattooing, piercing) used people with HIV without properly sterilized. 
  • Razors nail clippers or toothbrushes used those living with HIV. 

Measures to prevent the transmission of blood-borne are: 

  1. Blood used for transfusions sought by examining HIV-free blood donors. It still cannot be implemented because the height and costly sophisticated equipment because HIV prevalence in Indonesia is still low, the examination of donor blood test just to learn. 
  2. Urges high-risk groups for contracting AIDS is not a blood donor. When forced by refusing, a donor violated the code of ethics, and then blood should be suspected in the waste. 
  3. Puncture needles and other tools must be sterilized by default every time it wears out. 
  4. All equipment contaminated with body fluids of AIDS patients should sterilized by default. 
  5. Narcotics abuse group must stop injecting drugs into the habit of body and stop the habit of using needles. 
  6. Use disposable syringes (disposable). 
  7. Burn all the tools used HIV 

Prevention through an infected mother to her baby: 
Pregnant women with HIV can transfer the virus to her fetus. Transmission can occur when a baby in the womb, during labor and after the baby was born. Efforts to prevent transmission occur only with the appeal that HIV-infected mothers do not become pregnant.


Prevention of HIV AIDS Efforts Long Term 

  • The spread of AIDS in Indonesia (Asia Pacific) is largely due to sexual relations, especially with strangers. AIDS cases affecting people of Indonesia are those who have been to abroad and holding intercourse with strangers. The results showed that the risk of HIV transmission from husband to his wife and the wife is 22% of HIV to her husband is 8%. However, there are other studies that found the risk of transmission of the husband or wife to wife to husband being equal. Possibility of transmission is not interrupted at a frequency of sexual intercourse of husband and wife. 
  • Long-term effort that must be done to prevent the proliferation of AIDS is changing the attitude and behavior of people with activities that enhance the religious norms and socially so that people can behave sexually in charge, which includes not having sex at all, just having sex with partner sexual and HIV-uninfected faithful (monogamy), avoid sexual relations with women prostitutes, avoid sexual contact with someone who has more than one sexual partner, reducing the number of sexual partners as possible, avoid sexual contact with a high-risk group of contracting AIDS , no an genital intercourse and use a condom from start to finish sexual intercourse 

  • Such activities may include dialogue between religious leaders, disseminating information about AIDS with religious language, through courses and others that aims to strengthen the faith and religious norms towards responsible sexual behavior. With responsible sexual behavior is expected to prevent the spread of AIDS in Indonesia. 

Maybe that's all I can say about how to prevent HIV disease AIDS, may be useful for us all.