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Benefits of Honey for Health and Beauty

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Honey is a beautiful yellow viscous liquid and it tastes sweet , honey is produced by bees apis dorsata honey or a type derived from pollen or nectar 

For patients with diabetes are not advised to consume too much honey because honey contains a lot of sugars in it , and maybe it is better to consult a doctor before consuming the honey .

The sweet taste of honey produced from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose , with low water activity in honey then microorganisms can not grow well in the honey , so honey can be more durable and not easily damaged .

Some benefits of honey for health benefits and beauty :

1 . Prevent Cancer and Heart Attacks
Flavonoids contained in the honey , which is one type of antioxidant compounds that help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease .

2 . Prevent Indigestion
A recent study was able to show that the benefits of honey can help reduce the disturbance of digestion and bowel obstruction because honey contains fiber .

3 . Anti - bacterial and Anti Fungus
All honey has antibacterial , because the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide . This compound is able to be anti-bacterial and fungal .

4 . Athletic performance
Olympic athletes in ancient times honey to improve their performance . In the modern era such as the honey was developed to supplement stamina enhancer .

5 . Reduce Cough
The next benefit is honey cough . There is one type of honey is effective in relieving cough , which is buckwheat honey .

6 . Healing Wounds
Since ancient times known as a vulnerary sugar. After doing research turns honey is proven to treat Wounds and also contains anti - bacterial.

7 . Probiotics
Probiotics are good bacteria that the body needs . There are several varieties of honey have such a large number of bacteria .

8 . Beautify Skin
Anti - bacteria found in honey is very useful for the skin , with mixed with other ingredients , benefits of honey can moisturize and remove dead skin cells .

That's the benefit and efficacy of honey for health and beauty skin / face .

And many more benefits to the health of honey strengthens the white blood cells including , stabilize blood pressure , treat anemia etc.