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8 Natural Ways to Reduce Your Appetite without Hunger

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Did you find your appetite is high and cannot be controlled resulting in weight loss is always increasing? The high appetite to be one of the causes of diet failure.

It can be reduced appetite naturally, without the use of drugs. Want to know how to reduce appetite and without feeling hungry? Please try some of the following tips on reducing the appetite.

Reduce Appetite Naturally

1. Eating Fruits and Vegetables
After the meal it helps us to consume fruits or vegetables first. It can eliminate your appetite and cause we do not desire to consume sweet things.

2. Consumption Green Apples and Bananas
Green apples and bananas can be trusted to eliminate and neutralize hunger. Of studies conducted ole Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation revealed that overweight people use within both the fruit smell when hungry will lose their appetite.

3. Breakfast is Important
Choose a breakfast menu that contains a lot of protein and fiber that the body longer to digest so quickly we did not feel hungry in a long time.

4. Drinking Mineral Water
Get used before meals; drink at least 2 glasses of mineral water. By consuming mineral water then we automatically stomach will feel full and eat even a little more.

5. Eat Slowly
The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that eating quickly will inhibit the release of hormones related to satiety. As a result, a person from overeating. Eating slowly also make us feel more satisfied with what they eat.

To trick your appetite at night according to psychologists is to:

6. Wearing nail polish
Use nail polish as producers have compassion would you have made creations. Usually when a woman is wearing nail polish, they will no longer take food for the nail polish is still wet, and this is the benefit of using nail polish.

7. Brushing Teeth
That is after you brush your teeth, mouth usually will eliminate the desire to chew on us.

8. Search busyness
Do a quick flurry of busyness makes you tired. Such as reading, studying, go to FB and do not ever try - try listening to music. It will cause you to refresh scrambled back while your stomach will react otherwise.