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5 kinds of healthy food for pregnant women

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If a woman who is pregnant would be much better to know what foods are Appropriate and good for him as well as candidates for this very important due her baby. It can affect fetal development in the womb us.

She was also a very great responsibility for the health of her baby. Especially when the content is still under the age of 3 months, on the condition of pregnancy, the health and stability of pregnant woman's body is still risky or still worrying, both the fetus in the womb as well as the physical health of the mother.

In general, usually in the first 3 months of pregnancy the pregnant mother's condition will be lethargic, and feeling of nausea and vomiting accompanied curiosity, so it can worsen the condition of the mother. But it all can be overcome by nutritious snack foods.

Well here are 5 kinds of healthy food for pregnant women

The first meal is rich in foods containing carbohydrates
By consuming meals that many carbs, of course, it could give new powers to the mom and of course can also provide development is also good for the fetus womb. Carbohydrates can be obtained by consuming mother foods such as rice, bread, potatoes and corn.

The next healthy foods are foods that contain lots of iron
Meal containing iron can usually be found in green leafy vegetables, liver and lean meats. By consuming foods that contain lots of iron means you also gave the nutrition content of the placenta. Through the placenta, the fetus or the baby can get the nutrients and oxygen. Also assists in placental function for labor or delivery.

Healthy foods rich in protein
Foods that contain lots of protein can usually get by consuming such foods, tofu, nuts, fish, eggs, Tempe, and meat has a low fat content. Why do pregnant women need a high protein intake , because it takes the mother's intake increased up to 12 g / kg body weight , whereas in the normal human condition only need 1 gram of protein / kg of body weight . In addition, protein function to replace dead cells in the body, and is useful also for fetal growth.

Healthy food to - four are foods that contain Vitamin
In pregnancy it is also requires the intake of all the vitamins that many elements. This can be obtained easily through green vegetables, fruits are still fresh and of various types of vegetable side dishes and side dishes animal.

And the last is the Air
Why need a lot of water? , Because a lot during pregnancy or Often will ooze fluid, either through urination (pee), or even from sweat. Turns water also works well to Prevent Constipation disease that is often experienced by pregnant women. If you consume a lot of water instead terse nausea, you can get around it with fresh fruit juice.

That's a little review of some healthy foods that pregnant women in need. May be useful for all of us, and if still in doubt please find a more stout literature so that it can add to our knowledge.